Padrino Program

As with other organizations, we provide the opportunity to support a child in need through monthly financial giving.


However, our program is unique in allowing the Padrino/Madrina (Godfather/Godmother) to build a relationship with the child via regular communication.


Padrinos/Madrinas also have the unique opportunity to travel to Colombia and spend personal time with their godchildren and other children in the orphanages during Padrino trips. Our experience has shown that both the child and the sponsor undergo amazing personal growth as they experience this relationship!


The Padrino program is for people that want to do more than just send a check.  It’s an opportunity to benefit a child and provide them with the encouragement and hope they need in a way that money cannot buy.


Relationships have a price…you have to be willing to give a piece of your heart.  The return on your investment is priceless; you’ll be making such a difference in a child’s life that would otherwise be forgotten.


This is the first step to adoption. If you are interested in becoming a Padrino/Madrina, please contact us for more information.

Charlotte Parrack, Lida and David Richardson. Lida is God daughter to David.

These two beautiful girls have been God daughters for over 4 years to our Translator. They are in the process of being adopted by our VP and Sec/Treasurer: Roy and Charlotte Parrack!