Our Mission

Crusaders for the Fatherless strives to reflect God's heart by bringing about awareness to both the plight of orphans and our Biblical responsibility as Christians to care for them.
Our mission is to reflect the heart of God and strive to transform the lives of orphans by providing relief and comfort to them through Christ-centered Mission Trips, Padrino Program, and Adoption Awareness. The current focus of our ministry is the nation of Colombia. Colombia is a beautiful country, and the people are kind and friendly. But 40 years of civil war has brought poverty, violent crime, and narco-trafficking, resulting in some dire circumstances that were not of their own making.

When orphans “age out” of the institutions at age 18, they are forced to leave the orphanages and are at high risk of homelessness, drug trafficking, prostitution and suicide. Colombia is one of the top three countries for child prostitution in the Western Hemisphere.


What these beautiful children need most is love and hope, which Crusaders of the Fatherless dispenses liberally in the form of Mission Trips, Padrino (Godparent) involvement, and raising Adoption Awareness. You will find our programs provide unique and very special opportunities for you to make a real difference in the lives of these kids. Crusaders of the Fatherless is 100% volunteer, and thus your gift goes to help the ministry.


If you have room in your heart for the orphans of Colombia, your involvement will give these precious children a chance of experiencing unconditional love and, perhaps for the first time in their young lives, hope for a future.