Frequently asked Questions about Mission Trips

Who will be in charge of the team on mission trips?


From the time you enter Bogota until the time you leave, you will be under the supervision of Crusaders team leaders. We partner with an in-country foundation with the same goals: to help the children of Colombia. They always attend the trips with us.

Will I be safe?


Some amount of risk exists when you travel anywhere outside of the U.S. We will take every precaution to endure the safest trip possible. We consult state travel advisories, seek advice from in-country ground staff, inform participants of safety precautions, and pray for God's wisdom, guidance and wall of protection around us. We feel that we are here to do God's work and He will be with us.

What will I do?


Relationship building is one of the most important opportunities we have with these children who, for the most part, are very limited in the number of relationships they have outside the orphanage walls. Though you will be with the children for only a short amount of time, bonds will form quickly. They are so open to Christ's love in you. Your primary calling is to give the gift of your presence to the children whom God places in your path. We ask that you take every opportunity to pray for each child, as this may be the only prayer God will hear on their behalf.

Are there any inoculations that are required?


None are required, however all countries require you have an updated tetanus shot. You may wish to consult with your Doctor about any shots or medications they feel would be helpful.

Is the water safe?


Do not drink the tap water. Bottled water will be provided.


How much money should I take?


You may find it convenient to have some cash on hand. We may go to a market or brief sightseeing trip. We recommend about $200 for personal shopping needs. All of your lodging, meals and transportation is included in your fee.


What will we eat?


We will eat at the orphanages for lunch each day. Breakfast will be eaten at our hotel, and we may also go out for dinner or have dinner at the hotel. Meals are included in the cost of the trip.


What is the weather like?


Bogota has cool nights (low 40's) and moderate days (mid to high 70's) year round. We recommend you pack clothing you can layer, and a light jacket is recommended. The sun can be intense at this high elevation, so you may want to bring a hat and sunscreen. There is usually no A/C or heaters in our accomodations, so plan accordingly.


How will I communicate when I cannot speak Spanish?


You will be amazed at how much communication can be done without words! Smiles and hugs go a long way, as do facials. We will be playing games too, so fun is the order of the day! We will have translators to help along the way as well. We will provide common terms and phrases for you as well Spanish/English translator dictionaries.


Will internet and phone service be available?


Internet may be available periodically for those who wish to bring your laptops, but it is weak and spotty. Skype can be used to communicate via the internet for free. Check with your mobile provider about international travel rates for calls and texting, and be advised that phone service without these services can be very expensive.